Monday, February 24, 2014:

A mom without time

TIME- so before these baby things came around, I used to have the time to actually put on make up before leaving the house. In fact, I even had a blog with a beauty times have changes!!

Nowadays, the idea of putting on make up seems like WAY too much work.  Especially putting on mascara.  Not only because putting on make up in the morning means that I actually have to wash my face at night, but once you add mascara, that's another dimension of responsibility, adding an entire step- eye make up remover.

Regardless, there are actually some days I have the energy to put myself together, but I lack the time.  

Below are three mommy make up hacks I've discovered. Do you have any to add?

1. For hair that gets washed once a week (maybe)- Baby Powder (also great for roots- because if I'm only washing my hair once a week you can imagine how frequently I'm actually get my hair done ;)

2. For eyeshadow, Aquaphor.  While I'm sure it's off-label to use this as a cosmetic, dabbing a bit on your eye lids adds shine and shimmer that makes you appear well-rested.

3. Lip gloss- I've been using Vaseline as lip gloss long before I was using it as barrier cream.

The best part is I can do all of this "make uping" mid diaper change :). Can you add to this list?

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