Friday, February 14, 2014:

A mom without music

MUSIC- ok, so I realize music has been around since, well, the beginning of time.  But not the kind of "on demand" iTunes, Spotify, Pandora type music.  Like, non-stop, commercial free music.

This is a silly post today because I realize music isn't rocket science nor is it some "must-have" mommy gadget that will suddenly make parenting a breeze, BUT, today when my toddler wanted to dance (love when he asks this vs, say, let's watch Curious Jorge for the bazzillionth time), I threw on some music and he "got down" toddler style.  The music stayed on while I did the dishes and cut up strawberries.  The music went from dance party to heartwarming folky (think, "Make This Place Your Home" by Phillip Phillips).  It provided a really sweet soundtrack to the daily monotony that is my life, changing my often "sigh-worthy" activities into something a little more, hmmm, sentimental.  Perhaps in the same vein as P&Gs salute to moms commercials #thankyoumom (gets me every time!).  You know, because my kids are totally going to be future Olympians (how else do they plan to afford college?!?).

Baby Tupperware hockey training with a little Bruno Mars in the background.

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