Tuesday, September 15, 2015:

Fall is in the Air- And so Are My Favorite Scents!

Back in April while on an amazing trip to Napa, I stumbled across a little perfume store in Mt. Helena!  I took a sniff of this Melograno Selvatico, loved it, but practiced some refrain.  It was a deep musky scent that is perfect for the cooler months but since spring was just around the corner, I passed it up.  Until we walked passed the store a second time.  I couldn't get enough of this perfume and while I'm not sure I believe the history of this perfume (a concoction based on the ancient Medici family's very own flight of perfumes), I was still intrigued and went ahead and bought it.

Well spring and summer came and went and while I'd use it from time to time, it always seemed a bit over powering and out of place.  Until now!  With the fall chill in the air, I feel like it's the perfect comment to a cozy fall sweater!  Now, if only your screen could offer scent strips for testing 😏
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