Thursday, September 3, 2015:

Back to Beauty- My Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Experience

Recently I wrote about my Rodan + Fields Micro-Dermabrasion Paste and how I really liked the texture and the shine that was left behind!  I used this as part of my morning routine and loved feeling like I walked out of the house with dewy, fresh skin!

I also had a chance to experiment with two evening products from the REDEFINE line- The Night Renewing Serum and the Lip Renewing Serum.  Here's what I thought-

R+F Night Renewing Serum- these cool little blue ampules look straight out of a skincare fairytale- "Try this secret potion on your skin and you will never age!" Um, ok! You gently tug off the top of the little blue capsule and apply to your entire face.  The serum has a sturdy thickness which makes me think this could be a really good winter serum (my skin always benefits from a little extra hydration in the colder months).  While I only used the serum twice (so can't really talk about the long term effects), I really like the way it made my skin feel just after applying.  Very soft and well-hydrated.

R+F Lip Renewing Serum- I LOVE that this tiny little ampule is dedicated to lip care!  Outside of lip balms and lip SPFs, there isn't a ton out there for lip care as it relates to anti-aging.  This thick serum spread smoothly over my lips and I also let a bit run along and outside of my lip line to further moisturize the areas that are prone to wrinkling.  Lips were dewy soft and I loved that I had a bit of shine on my lips as I went to bed that night.

Are you interested in trying some of these products?  Reach out to my friend, Allie- She will hook you up!!
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