Thursday, September 24, 2015:

Love This

I love this idea so so much.  Someone once told me that I make my job more difficult.  I have a tendency to hold myself to high expectations when it comes to parenting (and, well, anything).  And when I fall short I tend to be really hard on myself.  Some days I can surrender and agree that the laundry will eventually get done and the house will eventually get cleaned, but each morning as I rush out for our activities, I get edgy seeing the dirty dishes, the unfolded laundry, the Cheerios (and their dusty crumbs) all over the couch and under my feet.  I feel the pressure to tackle the cleaning and I do tidy up but I feel the pang of knowing that it will be the same thing tomorrow and sometimes the "neverendingness" seems overwhelming (stole that spot-on phrase from fellow blogger "Love is Blonde").

But when I look at this quote I am reminded that this is my current life phase and these stressors, while mostly self imposed, might actually be what motivates me to do my best.
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