Thursday, March 13, 2014:

Is it really cheating if you pay for it?

I have really unhealthy relationships...with my hairstylists.  I have a hard time speaking up- often shrugging off hair cuts/colors that I'm not a fan of and saying to myself, "better luck next time"!

The truth is, if I don't like how my hair was done, I'll just choose a different place next time.  If I'm feeling super corageous, I'll even choose a different stylist at the same salon- risky, because what if the first stylist sees me....AWKWARD!!

But do hair stylists take this personally?  I can't help but think I would which is probably why I'm so nervous about getting "caught" using someone else.

I'm sure most stylists are professional and would really consider it "cheating" perse.  But I'd love to know what they think when they see their clients with other stylists??
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