Wednesday, March 12, 2014:

Take a chance on color as I was running late to an audition in Brooklyn, I realized I never put on any lip color.  And without a baby in site and no diaper bag to be had, I couldn't use my "go to" gloss- Aquaphore.

Thank goodness for Sephora!  I ran in and spotted a few shades- quickly swiping wands and sticks across the back of my hand.

Eenie. Meanie. Miney. Mo!

I took a chance on Christian Dior's Dior Addict in Incroyable.  LOVE.

Strangely enough, had I actually taken the time to consider....reconsider....repeat- my normal cosmetic selection strategy- I probably would have opted for something far more neutral and plain.

So!  Take a chance with color this spring!!  (Wow, talk about a cliche statement).  No, but seriously.  Go bright and pick something unexpected, wouldja?
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