Thursday, March 13, 2014:

Today is Thursday...a ME day!!

Thursdays are MY days!!  I have a sitter come at 9 and stay until 2.  And within that window, I do whatever I want to do!!

Watch the tail end of TODAY in the safety of my room, sip my coffee in peace and quiet (without having to lie to my toddler, telling him that the coffee I made an hour ago is "hot- don't touch!").  I'll get a mani/pedi, a massage and, today, a hair cut!

If I'm feeling motivated, I'll go to the gym or PureBarre...big "IF".  And I'll actually even schedule long neglected doctors' appointments!

Having this long morning to myself is so important.  I focus on me, my health and it truly makes me a better, more focused and engaged parent.  I feel like I can accomplish things that always seem to get pushed to the back burner during the week (weird, these things, like my well being, are sort of important as the primary care giver...huh, go figure!).

Taking time away from my children makes me appreciate how truly awesome they are.   TRY IT!!

Maybe it's just an hour or two when you run out and get a coffee.  Or maybe you splurge and get a much needed (AND EARNED) pedicure.  But do it.  You'll be glad you did!

The reality of the family NEEDS me to take this time to myself.  Why? Because around 1p, after I've splurged on myself, I'll realize it's time to go get groceries for the week. still have to be mom at "me time"  ;)
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