Monday, March 24, 2014:

Karmama Moment!

So, I always remind myself that Karmama really is a Bitch, at least once a day.  But, I really thought that my two and a half year old had sailed through the hitting and the "NO!" phase when he didn't seem to participate when his peers were in the throws of the "terrible twos".  I have to admit, I thought that my warm nature and affectionate approach with positive reinforcement and redirection was the key!  Ahh, warm know-it-all-mom glow.

NOPE!  This weekend, while traveling and a bit out of our routine, our son hit my husband in the face...TWICE!  What the...?!

My husband was annoyed but we both chalked it up to sleep deprivation and travel which caused a ripple in his normally structured day.

Welp, today, wouldn't you know it.  Picked up my 2.5 year old from his "Time Out For Parents" program and for the first time ever...I MEAN EVER, the teacher said he had a really "rough" day.  Hitting, not listening, and time outs galore (I mean, seriously, the program lasts two and a half much trouble can one little toddler monster get into?!).

I am giving it one more day- in the hopes that he is fully recovered from our weekend trip.  If not, then I honestly will just sigh to myself, for the 100th time, "Karmama's a Bitch" and dive into parenting lit 101 for hitting.  Oh, and tantrums, like HOLY HELL, we experienced our first one this weekend!

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