Wednesday, September 3, 2014:

Are you doing enough for your skin?

We workout to keep our heart and lungs healthy.  We lift weights to strengthen our muscles.  But do we do enough for the largest organ in (on) our body??

Could you be doing more for your skin?

1.  Are you drinking sugary sodas and juices when you could be drinking more water?

2.  Are you eating processed foods and too many carbohydrates when you should be eating more fruits, vegetables and proteins?

3. What are your snacking habits?  Salty, sugary snacks like chips or wholesome powerful snacks like nuts?

4.  Are you using skincare products designed specifically for your skin or are you "testing" products that span the spectrum of too harsh to ineffective?

5.  Are you optimizing your skincare routine with age-appropriate topicals (hint: if you're over 30 you may want to consider chemical exfoliation like peels and retinol creams)?

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