Tuesday, September 2, 2014:

Sit Down With a Plastic Surgeon

I sat down with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon John D. Noonan* of The Plastic Surgery Group in Albany, NY.  Here are his top five quick and easy healthy skin "musts" for busy parents (he has five kids...he should know!).

1.  Sunscreen- according to "Dr. John", sunscreen is the #1 way to prevent premature aging and, more importantly, certain skin cancers.
2.  Moisturizer- for the majority of people, dehydrated skin is actually the main contributor for their problem areas.  Invest in a good moisturizer.
3.  Exfoliate- It's important to polish off the dead layers on top of the skins surface to reveal the healthy and more youthful appearing skin below.
4.  Visit your esthetician- in an ideal scenario, you'd be able to get a monthly facial from a licensed esthetician.  But seeing as how this blog is for busy moms, try aiming for once every three months or once a season.  A professional has access to powerful treatments and procedures that will help you look your best and can even recommend more involved procedures like laser and, if necessary, surgery.
5. Sleep- it's important for both our physical and mental health to get enough sleep- often tricky with young kids.  Make sleep a priority and you will notice a difference in your skin (and energy!).

*He's my dad :) 
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