Monday, September 29, 2014:

Today I Choose Positivity

Today I am really going to embrace my accomplishments.  I spend so much of my day worrying about what to do next- planning the next activity, the next meal, the next playdate, the next diaper change.  It can all be SO overwhelming at times.

But today I am going to sit back and really absorb and embrace my recent accomplishments.  And while some of the items on the list below may seem silly, to me, they are a big deal.  It marks a shift in my attitude, progress in parenthood, and hope!

  • I "slept in" until 6:45a (Thank you Liam and Finn)
  • I showered before Pre-K3 drop off
  • I went grocery shopping
  • I put away the groceries
  • I got a manicure
  • I got my eyebrows waxed
  • I've made it through to the next round with my Quirky Design
  • I DID NOT get the Kate Sommerville/QVC hosting job...but I DID get invited to audition for her!

As a full time stay at home mom to two boys, it is easy to lose sight of the personal progress I have made when my priority is the well-being of my children.  Taking time to sit and write down this list, even the silly things like a shower, make me more aware of the progress that I make everyday.

It's easy for me to identify the things that I did not do and to sink into a negative mindset (I DID NOT clean the house today.  I DID NOT get more milk.  I DID NOT put away the clean clothes.) than to acknowledge the things that I did do.  So today, I choose to acknowledge the small accomplishments and to be positive!....

Which, for the record, is A LOT easier when I DID get the kids to nap at the same time :).

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