Tuesday, September 23, 2014:

So Much for Being Proactive

Dear Universe,
I would like to ask for your cooperation moving forward.  When the stars align and I actually have the means and the motivation to proactively plan a busy day of Kidville, pre-school and drive-thru errands, I need your support.  K? Great! Thanks!


Dear Kate,
Nah, I'm good. 

The Universe

Everything started out so well.  The boys ate their breakfasts while I organized their clothing for the day.  They took turns letting me get them dressed and toddled back to the playroom where they played together- giving me time to take a shower BEFORE school drop off (that's happened, like, ONCE before).

It was a quick, but effective shower.  And I ran downstairs dressed and ready to go, ten minutes ahead of schedule (that's happened, like, NEVER before)!  

This "spare" time offered me an opportunity to remember that my toddler's daily vitamins were running low.  I called in a refill, crated the dogs, changed a diaper and off we went to pre-school and Kidville!

Ideal morning, right?  NOOOOPE.

I pull up to the drive-thru pharmacy- still giddy from my efficient morning and elated to find that there are no cars ahead of me.  And then....

"Your doctor denied the refill."  She said through the scratchy speaker.

"What?  "Denied the refill"?  They're his multi-vitamins." I replied with a grin and a snicker as I started to wonder about vitamin off-label usage and consider what the black-market demand was for children's .25mg chewable multi-vitamins with fluoride...pfffft, "denied"?

"Yes, we called them and they denied the refill."

I pulled out of the drive thru lane wondering if I had been flagged for "intent to sell" and quickly dialed the pediatrician's office.  As the phone rang, I could feel the anxiety rising- my quick pick-up was now turning into something a bit more involved and creeping dangerously close to lunchtime.

Did I mention how much I hate automated answering services?

"To speak with a nurse, push (toddler asks a question).  To speak with a receptionist push (screaming baby in background). To speak with billing push (toddler asks "but why").  If this is an emergency, hang up and dial 911"(Hmm....are daily vitamins an emergency?).

I finally get through to the nurse who doesn't even need to look up our info- she remembers the pharmacy's phone call and sighs sympathetically (thank you for that) as she tells me she put a hold on the prescription so that she could change the dosage but left a message over an hour ago on the pharmacy's voicemail.

Ugh- brain-scratching eye roll.

I go BACK through to the drive thru and explain this to the not-helpful-in-the-least pharmacy tech.  Who then tells me I can wait in the parking lot while she looks into it.

"How long will it be until this prescription is filled" I asked, matching her stoicism.

"Twenty Minutes" (toddler translation-- eternity).  Um, no thanks.

So, I pulled out of the parking lot leaving my well-planned morning behind, surrendering to the fact that it will likely be another week and a half before I get back to the pharmacy to pick up these vitamins.

Which makes me wonder...does the black-market vitamin dealer make deliveries?

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