Monday, September 8, 2014:

I Gained A Few Laugh Lines This Weekend

This past weekend I went to a dear friend's bridal shower in the town inwhich I grew up.  It was a quick overnight trip so all of my boys stayed behind while I stayed in my parents' home.

From the moment I arrived- kid free- at my parents' home, I was able to relax and unwind.  I was able to have an actual conversation, alone, with my parents.  

After a nice long dinner, I went to visit with old high school friends.  While I had recently seen all of these girls at the bachelorette weekend a few weeks prior, there was something different about sitting in a home that I had spent so much time in as a kid- connecting with friends who've known me longest.

So many funny stories and happy memories had me smiling the entire night...all the way until one in the morning!!!!  

It was an amazing weekend celebrating the upcoming wedding of a great friend and connecting with some of my favorite people!!  Laugh lines welcome :)
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