Tuesday, October 7, 2014:

Dear Keurig, I Love You

I added a Keurig to my wedding registry and upon receipt, I placed it away in storage because I was a non-mom who got her coffee on the way to work or during long weekend brunches.  I never really needed my own coffee maker but it just seemed like something you should put on your wedding registry-- sort of like a standing mixer.

About three days into parenthood, while delirious with sleep-deprivation and while I should have been "sleeping while the baby slept", I was instead digging around a dusty closet looking for the unopened Keurig box.

After some dusting off and a quick rinse, I plugged this bad boy in and my mornings got just a little bit sweeter.

Keurig has literally held my hand through the 5:00am up-for-the-day wake up calls from my children and provided a cozy caffeinated hug during the wow-they-are-both-actually-napping afternoons.

As a non-morning person turned stay-at-home-mom, my Keurig is a close second to why I wake up in the morning (the first being my children- and not really in that sentimental definition, but more in the I-have-no-choice definition).

Making my coffee represents the small part of my morning routine dedicated to me.  The sound of the heating and brewing provides a satisfying soundtrack to the cereal, toast, yogurt, vitamins, milk sippy cup process that is my morning routine.

Moral of the story...if you don't have a coffee maker from your wedding registry, you should certainly add the Keurig to your baby registry :)

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