Thursday, October 9, 2014:

Have You Added Vitamin E to Your Beauty Routine?

Winter is coming!!  My skin is already starting to dry out- the sink loads of dishes don't help!

I wrote an article about the health & beauty benefits of vitamin E a few months ago and I continue to be impressed with it's moisturization properties.  So much so that I went ahead and bought another bottle!

I leave one in my medicine cabinet and add five drops* to my morning water and will occasionally use this on my cuticles.

Where's the other bottle?  Well, in my shower, of course!!

That's right- after a steamy shower- the most indulgent part of this stay-at-home mama's day- I put about a teaspoon of Vitamin E oil in my hand and slather it on.

My shins seem to get particularly dry so I start with those and work my way up, focusing on my knees and elbows and finishing with my face.  Vitamin E can be heavy so saving my face for last gives me just the right amount of oil without it being too heavy.

Have you tried vitamin E oil for Moisturization?  Do you think you will add it into your winter beauty rotation?

Here is what WebMD has to say about Vitamin E - Benefits

*Make sure you check the label of your Vitamin E brand as the recommended dosage may be different
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