Wednesday, October 15, 2014:

Weekly Workouts

Whoops!  I was so caught up with the Brain Games segment and then the nasty SAHM post that I lost track of what I'd like to accomplish in my weekly workouts!

Look Back at Last Week:
Monday- 15 minute warm up, 2x3 hills, 15 minute cool down.  CHECK!
Tuesday- Chasing around my little guy at Kidville.  CHECK!
Wednesday- Gym.  Fail- had to make a trip to the pediatrician for conjunctivitis and ear infection
Thursday- Rest.  CHECK! (although I probably should have swapped with Wednesday's workout)
Friday- Gym.  Fail- just couldn't motivate
Saturday/Sunday- Long easy run.  Fail- house guests and a complete lack of motivation.

This Weeks Workout Goals:
Monday- X
Tuesday- X
Wednesday- Gym- 30mins on treadmill (with slight incline) followed by arms (free weights)
Thurday- Gym- 30mins on treadmill (with slight incline) followed by legs (squats, lunges)
Friday- rest
Saturday- 20 minute run
Sunday- 20 minute run

What are your goals this week?  Can you share any motivation?  Good Luck!
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