Sunday, October 5, 2014:

What Will Your Workouts Look Like this Week?

This week I am going to make an effort to get back into my fitness routine.  I have one morning a week to myself (plenty of time for a run and groceries!).  I'm also a member of a gym with free childcare so I really don't have any's just a matter of finding that motivation!

Here's what my schedule looks like this week.  What are you thinking?

Do you like sharing workout ideas?  Leave some intel in the comments for us (trying to get) motivated mamas!

15 minute warm-up run 
2 sets of 3 hills (I'll run up a hill at about 70% and slow jog down a hill- three times.  Take a break.  And repeat again.  My goal is to get this rep up to 3x5!  Did I mention that hills are great for your butt er, I mean speed.  Hills are great for your speed.)
15 minute cool down

Chasing around my little guy at Kidville.

Gym (to work out, but mostly for their free childcare)
30 minute run on treadmill
Free weights (arms)


Gym (see motivation above)
30 minute run on treadmill
Free weights (legs)

Long easy run

Long easy run

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