Thursday, November 12, 2015:

Great Brands are Organic- Love Me Some Donny Deutsch Intel

Watch me turn a Rachel Ray interview with Donny Deutsch into Deep Thoughts with Kate Brochu...

The other day I was at the gym plugged into my ellpitical while watching Rachel Ray and Donny Deutsch talk about his new show, "Donny".

While I highly doubt I'll carve out any time to watch this show (even though it does sound hilarious), I always find Donny's marketing insights to be right on the mark (no surprise here seeing as how he built an advertising empire!).

While talking about his character in the show, he admitted that it is, in many ways, based off of him and his real life experiences...following up by saying that "Great brands are organic."


Since I have a tendency to apply everything to ME (working on that...and active listening...and a lot of other things!), I couldn't help but agree.

I struggle with trying to identify what The Kate Brochu Blog is.  In the past it's been a little edgy (do ya recall "Karmama's a Bitch") and at times it's super warm and vulnerable- pitting my content and blog title against one another.  In an effort to carve out my niche, I often felt like I needed to dive deep into one, specific genre of the greater me.  Was it skincare, parenting, or something else??

When I focused on skincare, I felt an entire facet of my personality was being neglected.  And when I focused specifically on parenting, selfishly, I felt like I was diluting my "me-ness" (that whole "more than a mom" thing that I struggle with).

It wasn't until changing the blog's name and tagging it with "a daily lifestyle brand" statement that I felt free to just brainstorm, edit and post.  On any given day I can publish the stuff that inspires me and I don't feel the need to filter and check if it works with my niche (I do, however, try to integrate a common thread or angle in every post- parenting, beauty or both!).

And as I post my daily lifestyle ramblings- from parenting to skincare- I feel like my organic brand is sifting through my posts.  My personality is better translated in my writing.  And my brand is more organically cultivating itself (vs. the square peg in a round hole situation I was previously struggling with).

Which brings me to my next point.  Sometimes in life I feel like I make things harder for myself (quoting an old boss here!).  I have this idea of how I want things to be, I over schedule, I set lofty goals (ok, no plans on changing that....but stay with me).   And sometimes in doing this, I stress because the schedule isn't working out or someone gets sick or the universe just isn't aligned that day.  I get stressed and angry and usually regret my actions.

Other times, things just seem to happen...well, organically.  A casting comes up for a skincare brand I genuinely adore, an audition is booked on a day when I know I have childcare, a call comes in from a friend when I am kid-free and mentally available for a conversation.  OR, a small window of time allows me to get gas before pre-school pick up (the little things, people...the little things).

This all probably seems pretty trivial, but on the days when things just organically fall into place, there is a deeper sense of peace and accomplishment in my home.  When I let things happen on their own, it always seems to have a much higher success rate than when I try and force things into place.

I'm sitting here trying to figure out if there is a word that incapsulates this thinking.  Or is it more than a it just me, finally just being me and putting it all out there and giddily seeing things fall into place (despite having spent so much time trying to shove them into place?).

BUT, big caveat here.  As much as I like to "willy nilly" my days away, I am also a firm believer in preparedness and preparation- "Luck is where preparation meets opportunity"

I'm just hoping my organic brand and preparation meets the right opportunity!  Preferably as an on-air brand ambassador (but, you know...I'm going to let that happen organically!).

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