Wednesday, November 4, 2015:

What's in My Bag

This is a teaser because I want to take the time to actually make this look legit, but I always find myself mesmerized by the "What's in My Bag" feature of USWeekly.  I love scoping out the "must have" beauty products that the celebs use and love when they have some down to earth products like drugstore chapstick.

Well, after my recent purchases at Ulta, I did a little cosmetic bag reno (complete with a purchase of a cute little Vera Bradley cosmetic case- seriously those bags never go out of style!).

Well here is the teaser photo and if I can get my act together, I'll edit so it's magazine ready- USWeekly, call my people and we will schedule a photo shoot!!  

Oh and I am definitely doing this for my purse.  It will be far less sexy- right now I'm rocking Boogie Wipes and a crushed NutriGrain bar.  The glam life of motherhood!!

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