Monday, November 2, 2015:

Shopping at Ulta- My First Experience

Simply walking through the doors gave me a thrill even though I had no idea what to expect!

Initial thoughts- Sephora meets Walgreens.  And I think I like that...

There was a wall of high end skincare products (Philosophy, Murad, Bare Minerals, etc) on one side paralleled by drugstore beauty brands on the other- driving home their current tag of "All things beauty.  All in one place."

It's always fun to take a lap and look around but very quickly I became overwhelmed and unsure about what I wanted needed.  I needed an expert in the latest beauty buys....STAT.

Unfortunately, the store fell a little short in the client experience category.  I asked for help and admitted that I wanted to give my makeup case a full renovation.  Essentially I was opening up my purse strings to the salesperson and even went so far as to say, "If I love it, I'll buy it."  

You would have thought she'd take that and run but instead, she only showed me a quick lesson in contouring which left me unimpressed.  I reluctantly added the contour kit to my bag only to put it back after taking a lap around the store and filling my bag with products I was eager to try.

Despite the subpar sales person experience, I did end up spending over $200 (ok, but how does that happen?!?  And, now that I think of it, maybe the sales person was doing me a financial favor!).

My purchases:
Chloe Perfume Pen Spray (which I've been wanting for forever!).

Ok, so I guess the above list explains how I made it to $200+.  Oops!  Stay tuned for reviews on some of the products listed!  And click here for their current promotion- 25% for first time visitors to their salon. 

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