Tuesday, March 11, 2014:

Beauty Tip!!

As a mom of two young boys I find it exceptionally hard to take care of myself. My diet is a wreck, exercise is a joke, and the idea of actually putting on make up makes me groan (not only do I have to find time to put make up on, I also have to find time to take it off at night- no thanks!).

The one regimen that I can kind of get on board with is the following.  It's respectful of my time, makes me feel fairly put together and is simple to remove come bedtime.  

1. Start with water.  No, seriously....
Drinking your recommended oz's of water helps to build the canvas on which your make up will stay.  Moisturized skin- from the inside out- glows.  Water helps eliminate toxins, reducing dryness and breakouts.

2. Moisturize- I'm kind of obsessed with Obagi's Hydrate Moisturization.  It's thick and creamy but goes on beautifully without any heaviness.

3. Let it set.  This is a personal preference but I always like to give my straight moisturizers a chance to absorb before starting more layers.

4. Laura Mercier Radiance Primer WITH SPF. If you do nothing else, use this primer.  It is, hands down, the most versatile and valuable cosmetic I own.  It takes me from looking a little flat to dewy.  My only complaint, I wish I could buy this in bulk!

5. Mascara. Ugh.  Full disclosure, I hate mascara.  Rephrase, I hate the process of taking mascara off.  But, using mascara helps to open your eyes, giving the illusion of a full night's rest (*illusion*- ha!).

6. Night routine- when you're in for the night, take off your make up and let your skin breathe.  Use a nighttime moisturizer (I'm loving Regenica!).  

7.  Steep before you sleep!  Grab a decaf green tea w a lemon wedge.  Not only will this count as another water, but the healing and health effects of green tea are too wide to discuss here (did you know some research suggests it's anti carcinogenic properties prevent some cancers?!).  Just do it!

8.  And sleep.  Oh, that's right, we're moms...we don't sleep, we just lay with our eyes closed.
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