Wednesday, March 18, 2015:

Could Sauna Slathering be the Secret to Great Skin?

Today is Wednesday- one of my most peaceful days!  I'm not rushing off to drop anyone at pre-k or shuttling to morning activities while trying to stay on schedule.

The best part about Wednesdays is that we can take our time packing up and preparing to head out to the gym- where mom takes advantage of two FULL HOURS of FREE CHILDCARE so that she can work out, balance her brain, sit in a sauna and shower.  I will use this sentence right here to exude my IMMENSE gratitude for having the opportunity to live this life.  Wednesdays really allow me to put my sahm/life challenges into perspective!!

But before I turn this into a "I'm so blessed" post (ok, but really I acknowledge that I am TOTALLY blessed), let me tell you about today's sauna experience.

I am typically the only person in the sauna.  I usually take advantage of the space, lay down on my back, wrapped in a towel, and put my feet up against a wall (I am sure there is a sauna etiquette 101 class I should take, but while in Europe, this is what all of those uninhibited, totally sophisticated women used to do).

Well, today, while I assumed my usual sauna position and settled in, another woman entered the room.  I offered a smile and went back to my high-temperature resting pose.

Seconds later I was distracted by the sound of skin being slathered.  At first it was sort of gross.  Ok, actually, it was just gross.  I didn't want to be rude and to sit up to see what the noise was (the woman was sitting by the wall behind me), but I also was so confused as to why there was rapid rubbing going on in a sweaty sauna.

As the minutes passed and the rubbing continued, I finally sat up, acting as though my time was up.  I was shocked at what I saw- a completely nude woman (fair enough, some people do the nude sauna thing) who had the BEST skin I have ever seen!  This woman was easily in her 60s* and her skin. was. glowing!

So then I was stuck in this awkward situation of staring but not wanting to stare but being totally impressed at her flawless skin but then being totally weirded out by the fact that she was slathering herself in oil.

Always a beauty aficionado, I had to ask.

"Is that lotion?"

That simple question unleashed an entire summary as to why applying lotion while in the sauna is the secret to glowing skin.

Her ritual...  swim, shower, sauna, lotion.  Her theory... the warmth of the sauna opens up the pores allowing the lotion to have a more lasting effect on the skin.

I care NOT as to whether this is backed by science.  Her skin was amazing- I'll stop there before I start to sound creepy.

In an effort to learn more about sauna skincare, I did a quick search and found this article.  Looks like I will be dry brushing and sauna slathering on my next visit!!

Oh, and PS, to my husband- Sweetheart, someplace in our itty bitty house can we please carve out space for a sauna!?

*I didn't ask this woman her age but based on our brief conversation and the details she offered, I imagine that this woman was in her 60s.  Of course now I will make it my sole duty to determine exactly how well this woman has aged by finding out exactly how many revolutions around the sun she has made :)
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