Sunday, March 15, 2015:

Personal Monday Motivation

I'm waiting to hear from Quirky to learn whether my Magnetic Mesh Laundry Bag will make it to the next round.  I am waiting to hear from two (wonderful, amazing, brilliant, and really intelligent) casting directors to see whether I'll have the opportunity to audition for dream jobs.  I'm waiting to hear back on blog post submissions and content sharing opportunities.  I'm waiting.

And it is so hard for me to submit materials, ideas, and content  Feedback that might never come.

So tonight, while unwinding from frenzied weekend family time and preparing for the week ahead, I took a minute to search for some Monday morning "hustle" inspiration and this image COULD NOT be more perfect.

I am a high energy, GO GO GO kind of person (seriously, there are days when even I find myself to be EXHAUSTING).  

I don't do well when I'm not busy and I really only enjoy relaxing when I feel like I've set goals in motion or reached a personal milestone.  The best term I've heard to define this sort of "madness" is "terminally ambitious".  I'll take it.

I had an opportunity to have brunch yesterday with a great friend.  We hadn't seen each other in a very long time, but, as with all great friendships, we picked right up where we had left off.  

The conversation evolved from relationships and families, to careers and personal goals.  As I tried to convince my friend to run a half marathon with me, she paused and finally said, ""If I say I am going to do something, I have no doubt I'm going to do it...except running".  

Ok, so everything after the "except" part is obsolete.  But that attitude; that die hard, come hell or high water, blind ambition....  THAT!  

Perhaps this shared attitude is the reason we became friends in the first place.

I have no doubt that I will achieve my personal and career goals and I won't give up on attempts to achieve them unless they are surpassed by loftier ambitions.  

So tonight, while I wait, I remind myself to HUSTLE, to keep plugging along, to keep creating opportunities and to remind myself that I committed to doing something and, therefore, it. will. get. done!

Does this apply to you and the goals you have set for yourself??  Share if you know someone who needs some Monday motivation!

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