Thursday, March 5, 2015:

Would You Go Make Up Free for Better Skin

Since becoming a parent, I've done a lot of involuntary "make up free" days.  Sometimes you just got to get out of the house and go!  And truthfully, when I don't wear makeup, it makes my bedtime routine a LOT easier (I have a love/hate relationship with mascara).

According to the TODAY Show, 90% of women say they'd go make up free if it meant better skin. The new recommendation is to go 5 days on and 2 days off (wearing make up five days a week and allowing your skin two days to breath).  NOTE: this does not mean going skincare free (cleansing, toning, hydrating, sun screening).

Some benefits of going make up free include:

  • Increase in Collagen 
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Increase in skin clarity

I'm a big proponent of taking care of our skin from the inside out so we don't feel the need to wear heavy make up.  This includes maintaining a healthy diet, practicing good skincare routines, regular trips to an aesthetician for thorough cleansing and resurfacing, and, down the road, I certainly won't turn down any safe anti-aging procedures.

Here's my take on going make up free

So would you go make up free if it meant better skin?  Cast your Vote at TODAY

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