Tuesday, March 24, 2015:

Summer Beauty Regimen!

So what's on your summer skincare agenda??  Here's what I'm thinking...

Starting the day after Mother's Day (which is Sunday, May 10 if you don't already have that noted on the calendar), I am going to start a regular paramedical quality skincare routine.  Ok, so THAT sounds pretty extreme, but really, all I am doing is committing to quarterly med spa facials (skin peels, dermabrasion, etc).  Mother's day is an opportunity to make the commitment to myself and a good time to hit up the family for some medspa gift certificates :)

Nourish & Maintain
I am still obsessed with Obagi's Hydrate and Regenica.  I love the consistency of the creams and I can really see overall skin quality improvement after using this duo regularly since mid-winter.   I want to get better about my twice weekly retinol routine at bedtime, too.  And finally, I REALLY REALLY need an eye cream.  I like my Elastiderm Roller Pen, but I'm struggling with some thin skin crepe issues.  I'm thinking a fraxel treatment might be my best option, but holding out to see if I can find anything topical first!

Prevent & Protect
I scream, YOU scream, we all scream for Sunscreen!  And a hat, too.

Any tips I might have missed?  
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