Friday, March 27, 2015:

New Sauna Routine

So after my awkward, yet enlightening, sauna experience, I've come up with my own routine.  I only had an opportunity to try it out twice this week, but follow along and maybe we will see sauna beauty benefits together!!

At the gym, I generally run for 20 minutes followed by stretching, lunges, arms...and then it is on to the pampering!

  1. Rinse and cleanse
  2. Exfoliate face 
  3. Dry bristle brush body
  4. Wash hair
  5. Intense Hydrating Mask treatment- wrap head in towel and leave on while in sauna

  1. Stay in for 15 minutes at the very least
  2. Lay on the upper level and raise my legs up against a wall (sort of like this, but with a bit more of a bend in my knee)
  3. Drink water periodically

  1. Rinse out conditioning treatment with warm (not hot) water
  2. Rinse and wash body

  1. Apply skin cream or oil while in the heat of the sauna

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