Friday, August 15, 2014:

Draw My Pirates

"Draw my pirates," my toddler asked as he admired his chalk outline on the driveway.

"A pirate??  I'm not so sure I can draw a pirate, bubby."

"No, my pirates!" 

"Honey, I'm not that great at drawing, I don't know how else to draw a pirate." I shrug while I turn around and think about a stick-figure parrot.

I'm squatting next to the mini chalk outline of my (as of today) three year old- wondering if I can actually make this little chalk body look something like a pirate.  How does he know the word "pirate" anyway?  Has that been a recent topic in our home?

I swivel back to see what has caught his attention- surprised to see him pulling down his pants...

"Mom, Draw. My. PIRATES!"

Privates are ALWAYS a topic in our home....

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