Thursday, August 7, 2014:

Perfect Brows

The shape of your eyebrows is so important to the overall symmetry of your face!  Do you have eyebrow envy?  Well, here is your best bet for getting perfect brows!

1. Abort all self-tweezing exercises- the truth is that serial tweezers do more harm than good.  When you focus on one brow in the mirror and pluck away hair-by-hair, you lose perspective and often end up with uneven, poorly arched brows.  Stop tweezing your own eyebrows.  No...seriously, knock it off.

2.  Grow them out- If you have the self control, try to let your brows grow out for a few (gasp) months.  Letting your brows grow out to their gives your aesthetician a lot to work with in terms of shaping and aligning to the natural angles of your face.  Unfortunately, the more we tweeze the longer it can take for the hair to return which can eventually lead to really fine and thin brows.

3. Go to a professional.  And by professional, I don't mean the corner mani/pedi place!!  Go to a legit waxing center where the staff is trained in the aesthetics of waxing.  There really is a science behind how your brows should be waxed (how far apart they should be, where the arch is, how "long" they should be).  Going to a standard nail salon will likely get you a standard wax- lacking alignment.

Are your eyebrows the right shape for your face?  Find out by using this technique:
1. Using a pencil, align it vertically from the outside of your nostril all the way up to your forehead.  The start of your brow, should be inline with your outer nostril.
2. Tilt the pencil so that it runs from the edge of your nostril through the end of your eye.  The end of your brow should be inline with the pencil.

A version of this post was originally published in April, 2014
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