Tuesday, August 19, 2014:

What's Your Morning Routine

As moms (and/or busy women in general!) we've come to rely on routines.  We've learned to appreciate structure because, after some trial and error, we've realized that the day just works out that much better when we have some sort of agenda (or, when we can, at the very least, count down the hours before nap time!).

Since my days take me from mi cama to mucho chaos in a matter of seconds, my morning routine has become pretty efficient- Here it is!

  1. Wake up with a toddler in my face whisper yelling, "Mama, you awake?...Oh, you eyes a open.  You awake!"
  2. Hush whisper yelling toddler so that my adorable, but not yet ready for independent play, one-year old doesn't wake up
  3. Begrudgingly whip back covers since my adorable, but not yet ready for independent play, one-year old is. in fact. up.
  4. Stall while I put on my  LL Bean flannel button down and juicy velour pants that I've had since college Lulu pants and recently washed J.Crew sweatshirt
  5. Carry one-year old down the stairs...oh, you want to walk? OK!...no, you want me to carry you?...no, we're walking...OMG, let's just get down the stairs already!
  6. Breakfast- cereal in a bowl with milk for three year old.  Cereal in a bowl with yogurt for one-year old.
  7. Vitamins- ok, so this is really the meat of this post
    1. Mom- Daily Vitamin with Hair, Skin, Nail supplement along with 1,000mcg of B12 (the B12 honestly helps me make it through my day...more on that in another post).
    2. Toddler- Daily Vitamin chewable
    3. Mini-Toddler- Daily dropper of liquid vitamins (ew).
  8. Coffee
  9. Chaos
  10. Commence (the day)

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