Tuesday, November 4, 2014:

Another Challenge for This Week- Marriage and Your Relationship

As most parents with young children can attest to, your marriage can take a serious beating when you add a new baby to the mix.  That's been one of the greatest challenges for me.  Sometimes, at the end of a really long day with the boys, I want to be upset and resentful and of course that lands on my even-tempered husband (who happened to walk in the door seven minutes after he told me he would be home....but really, who's keeping track of time after 13 hours sans spouse- hint...I am!).

Sometimes I feel like I only harp on the negative.  And in reality, my husband would agree that he also has a tendency to point out parenting fails vs. successes.  So, this week's challenge is to be more outwardly complimentary to one another.  Whether it's a "great job getting the little guy down to sleep tonight" or "thanks for being so patient while I checked my email and connected with folks online".

So when I feel like getting frustrated and pointing out something I don't like, I'm going to choose to compliment something I appreciate instead!
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