Monday, November 10, 2014:

Some Quirky Love- Call to Action, Please :)

As many of you know, I have made it to the "Explore" phase for Quirky!  As I wait to be slotted and scheduled for deeper exploration, I have had plenty of time to think about how helpful my Magnetic Mesh Laundry Bag would be for so many different groups.

It was while I was deep in the weeds of new motherhood, grasping at items that promised better sleep or longer stretches of contentment, that I realized how much of an inconvenience laundry was when coupled with the demands of being a parent.  Laundry was absolutely impossible to do while you had a baby in your arms and yet, an essential chore that had to be completed sometime between naps and (every-two-hour) feedings.

It was through the constant up/down and the heavy and awkward lifting and pulling from my bottom washer up to my stackable dryer that I realized just how much work was involved in laundry- impossible for mothers recovering from c-sections and just a major pain in the butt for moms with no time and, most often, working with an infant in their arms.  But strangely, it was clean laundry that helped me feel like I was keeping it somewhat together...

Everything was done in steps with each transition pain-point being a tick on my "to do" list.
  1. Collect laundry from bedrooms
  2. Bring laundry down two flights of stairs to basement
  3. Load laundry into washer
  4. Return upstairs and pick up the random sock and underwear I dropped on my way down
  5. Transfer laundry to dryer (hand over hand over hand, bend to pick up dropped sock off basement/dungeon floor and wonder if I should rewash that t-shirt after it landed in a cobweb)
  6. Bring laundry up from basement
  7. Leave in my bedroom for a week (and pick up dumped out basket no less than five times thanks to busy body babies!)
  8. Sort laundry (and be completely bewildered that in that ENTIRE load of laundry, all I had was a pair of socks?  Seems unfair...)

And that's when I came up with my Quirky idea- a laundry bag that eliminated the frustrating transfer pain points and sorting demands.  My idea combined the common mesh laundry bag used for delicates with magnetic technology that allowed my bag to act like a "liner" on the wash bins, and it made laundry doing so.much.simpler.

And isn't that what every mom wants?  Simple solutions that save time so that she can enjoy being a mom while accomplishing important household tasks?

The more I developed this idea and talked about it amongst my friends, the more I realized how far reaching the product benefits were and how this product could impact consumers at so many different life stages- parents trying to simplify daily chores, laundromat users trying to keep laundry secure, and the elderly and/or handicapped who may struggle with the constant lifting and bending that's involved with laundry doing.

This post is really an opportunity for me to generate more interest and feedback on the idea.  I am waiting for Quirky's next move but I could really use your help in spreading the word about this potential product.  The more people who think that this could really help them in their daily life, the more likely this product will be manufactured (and the more likely my inventor dreams will become a reality :).

Now here's my call to action:
Can you share this post, spread the word, like a tweet, etc?  Generating buzz for this product is essential to understand how it will be received by consumers.  If you think this is an item you would use (as a mom, a college student, a caregiver, a laundromat users, etc), please like, share and talk about this idea!  Do you have feedback or insights that might make this idea better, log on to Quirky and become an influencer.

I'm sharing a link to my video here so you can get a better idea of the product
And here is a link to my idea outline

Many thank yous!  And fingers crossed for product development :)
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