Tuesday, November 18, 2014:

Seriously! No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed!!

Last night the little guy played a game of "monkey see, monkey do" and jumped off his brother's toddler bed.

The poor little guy did something to his foot.  Although he wasn't in acute pain, he left out a little whimper every time he tried to put weight on it 😔.  A little wounded cub.

He managed to limp and crawl after his brother- attempting to climb up on the bed again.

It was bedtime and since he didn't appear to be in pain, we put him down and decided to take him into the urgent care center if he was still limping in the morning.

Welp, he was still limping in the morning so off to the doctor we went.

Miraculously, from the time I put him in the car seat to the moment JUST before X-Rays were taken, he was healed- running up and down the halls of the medical office.

Mom never wins!  Glad he is well and back to his busy self but I'm fairly certain I've been tagged as a hypochondriac!

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