Wednesday, November 26, 2014:

"Do As Little As Possible As Much As Possible"

The trick to aging gracefully- do as little as possible as much as possible.

Did you hear this on TODAY the other day?  Kathie Lee was talking about her dermatologist's recommendation for youthful looking skin.

I love this lesson!  And I live it everyday!  I am in my 30's- the perfect time to start a more pro-active approach for graceful aging. I don't necessarily need any major procedures, but if I keep a good skincare routine, using effective products like hyaluronic serums, retinols and an occasional chemical peel, I can hold off on the more invasive procedures.

That's the great thing about today's topical treatments!  Surgeons are seeing a major shift from invasive surgical procedures to topical treatments because the quality of these products has increased greatly!  Invest in a few staple topical creams, buy a package of chemical peels (two times a year is fine, once a season is great, once a quarter is ideal!), and you will be on your way to maintaining your youthful appearance!

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