Wednesday, November 26, 2014:

Top Five Healthy Skin "Musts" for Winter

Vitamin E Oil- I have a bottle on my bedside table, a bottle in my shower, and a bottle by my kitchen sink.  A dime-size amount goes a long way and helps cracked, dry skin (Bonus Tip: Put on Vitamin E oil before you put on your dish gloves to clean your dishes- the gloves will seal in the moisture while you finish up the dish chores- which seem to be never ending in our home!).  Read more about my love affair with Vit E here.

Humidifier- Now that the cold weather is here, the heaters are on at full tilt in my home.  Between the dry heat that sucks up whatever moisture we have in our home and the dry cold of the season, my skin gets completely depleted of environmental moisturization.  As soon as the heat comes on in our home, the humidifiers come out (make sure to empty the water daily and to give it a good rinse with some white vinegar once a week).  I love this humidifier- I actually have THREE (one in each bedroom).  Easy to clean and simple to use!

Turn Down the Temperature in the Shower- ok, this is so hard for me, mostly because there is nothing more indulgent in my life than a steamy hot shower, privacy, and, if I am really being greedy, silence (it's the mom in me, what can I say??).  But the hot hot showers that I love so much are actually damaging my skin by removing natural skin oils.  While this isn't normally a problem, combine hot showers with the dry heat and frigid cold...formula for complete skin dehydration.  While your shower shouldn't be cold, try to keep it at a moderate temperature (Bonus Tip: Don't use the exhaust fan- keep the bathroom door open and let the steam from your shower humidify your home).  Read more about making your shower your sanctuary here.

Drink More Water- In the summer months it is easy to remember to push the fluids but hydration from the inside out is just as important in winter months if you want to keep your skin healthy.  The change in seasons and the dry heat literally suck the moisture out of our skin.  Keeping your body hydrated on the inside will help mitigate moisture loss.

Exercise- Earth Shattering Secret--> The fountain of youth is diet and exercise.  While I've been known to go into winter hibernation mode and consider weight gain as nature's way of "personal winterization", a sedentary lifestyle is no good.  Skin thrives on healthy fluid circulation within the body- helping with drainage and eliminating fluid retention which can lead to swelling and puffiness. So even though it might be freezing outside, throw on some snow boots and go for a walk or hunker down at the gym for a morning (all the more reason if they offer free child care...just sayin' :)

And one more thing:  When seasons shift it is a great time to re-evaluate your skincare routine.  Now that we are officially into the winter months, you should consider a thicker cream to help serve as a barrier between your skin and the elements.  I'm still obsessed with my Obagi Hydrate!

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