Thursday, November 6, 2014:

The Complexity of Beauty Blogging in the Parenting Category

Today is the perfect day to talk about the hypocricy of blogging about beauty while in the weeds of mommihood.

I'm just not feeling put together.  Period. End of sentence.

I'm trying to recruit some motivation- I have a sitter for the morning and I was going to use this time to go to the gym.  But my one year old hasn't stopped whining and clinging to me and it's amazing how quickly two hours can go by with a sitter when she offers childcare AND in-home adult conversation (without the pressure of tidying up before a play date).

To top it off, it's cold and miserable outside.

Ok, that's enough misery for one day.  Time to reboot my attitude.

... ... ... ...

No more excuses and unfortunately no time to go to the gym, workout, and shower.

But what I CAN do is spend 20 minutes in the privacy of my bedroom doing efficient PureBarre stretching and toning (translation: bounce around like an idiot), hop in the shower, slather on some Jergens Naturual Glow Moisturizer and blow dry my hair.  And I'm left with 15 minutes to blog about it :)

In keeping with my positivity challenge I am trying to STOP focusing on the negative so much (even though there are days that just seem impossible) and to focus on what I can do and what I managed to accomplish.  Did the day go exactly as I had planned.  Nope- it rarely does.  But did I actually accomplish everything I wanted to accomplish.  Sure did.


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